How can we work?

You have a successful business, you are scaling and need more qualified leads. Ping me as I have a strong digital marketing team so we can supply you with pure digital stuff for a reasonable price?

You are involved in sport industry in Russian language zone and are interested in soccer web traffic. Give me a hint and we can discuss placing your ads at my site

You have an ongoing project that needs scaling but do not have enough funds. Leave me a message and we can discuss an investment.

You have an idea, some initial funds but still not enough to turn the world upside down. PM me and we see what we can do.

About me

I jumped in digital marketing boat in early 2007 as a junga and through years passed step by step I was honored to be promoted to a captain.

During my career I was lucky to try myself in different job positions: from an account and sales manager in leading digital marketing agencies, PPC Team Lead in the largest European lowcost airticket selling agency, Chief Marketing Officer in several IT and Ecommerce companies to founder
of several web projects.

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